Tbilisi Street Art


A walk down the charming streets of Tbilisi is a history lesson in itself.  Beautiful old monasteries, modern bridges,  sulfur baths, and even a waterfall can be found in the city center.  Tbilisi has had a turbulent history marked by periods of Russian and Persian rule which has resulted in an eclectic mix of architecture throughout the city. Modern-day Tbilisi has a vibrant bar and restaurant scene and an entrepreneurial culture. This up and coming destination won’t remain a hidden gem long, so pack your bags and head to beautiful Tbilisi, “the city that loves you.”


Rooms Hotels

If you’re looking for a hotel that has charming rooms, a lively atmosphere, and is centrally located look no further than the Rooms Hotel. I adored the eclectic decor of the hotel and loved the vibrant and bohemian vibe of the Vera neighborhood.  


For a truly memorable hostel experience book your stay at Fabrica.  Fabrika boasts a fun atmosphere and design worthy of a high-end hotel.  

Rooms Hotels Tbilisi

Rooms Hotels Tbilisi


Sulfur Baths

Abano St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Legend has it that Tbilisi was founded because of the city's hot springs that a king discovered on a hunt. You can soak in these very same healing springs at the Sulfur Baths.

Waterfall Leghvtakhevi

Hidden in the heart of Tbilisi is a waterfall.  The waterfall is a perfect spot to relax after a day of exploring or capture that perfect picture.  

Cable Car

For unparalleled skyline views take the cable car to the Narikala Fortress.  

Anchiskhati Basilica

11 Ioane Shavteli St, Tbilisi, Georgia

If you love architecture check out Anchiskhati Basilica.  This 6th-century church features some incredible frescos and is the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi.

Vera Neighborhood

Spend an afternoon exploring the charming Vera neighborhood.  This neighborhood has amazing cafes, great shopping, and quaint streets.


Keto and Kote

Zandukeli Dead End, 3, Tbilisi 0179, Georgia

For traditional Georgian cuisine look no further than Keto and Kote. The food and views are incredible.  If the weather's nice sit outside at Keto and Kote’s charming patio. This restaurant can be tricky to find and at the end of a residential street (you may mistake it as a house).  The portion sizes are also large so share with a friend!


Kostava st., 77, Tbilisi 1008, Georgia

Another great traditional Georgian restaurant is Machakhela. Machakhela is located close the to the Sulfur Baths.  The menu is vast and the food inexpensive.  Make sure you try Khachapuri Adjaruli (cheese bread) and Khinkali (dumplings).  The portions sizes are large.


5, 3 Tamar Chovelidze St, Tbilisi, Georgia

This trendy neighborhood hotspot is great for both lunch and dinner.  We absolutely loved their vegetarian lentil curry and asparagus and gorgonzola pizza.  At night Lolita turns into a lively bar. Stop here for a late dinner and stay to mingle with the locals.


15 Giorgi Akhvlediani St, Tbilisi, Georgia

Looking for the perfect brunch spot in Tbilisi? Stop by Mukhatsakatukha for great tea, coffee, and delicious soups and pasteries.  

O Moda Moda

64-66 Vasil Barnov St, Tbilisi, Georgia

O Moda Moda is a restaurant and a vintage store (can you think of a better combination?). Stop by here for lunch and be sure to browse the amazing vintage wares.

Jazz Cafe Singer

8 Sioni St, Tbilisi, Georgia

If you love live music and a casual atmosphere check out Jazz Cafe Singer. 


Cabs in Tbilisi can be tricky. To ensure you don’t get overcharged and get a legitimate cab use the Taxify app.

The metro and bus network in Tbilisi is easy to use and inexpensive.


Our favorite part of Georgia was getting out into the countryside.  The terrain is variable there are incredible mountain ranges, forests, lakes, and beautiful vineyards.  We do not recommend renting a car in Georgia. Drivers pass cars often, cops drive with their lights on even if they are not necessarily pulling someone over, and not everyone speaks English.  We hired a driver for around $100/per day. It was great to have someone show us around that could share the history of all the places we saw.

Eastern Georgia and Wine Country

If you do one day trip Eastern Georgia is a must.  We visited fairytale like towns, a monastery, sampled Georgian wine, and even made bread and candies.  Make sure you eat plenty.  Georgians love their wine and chacha and you will get the opportunity to sample plenty.

North Georgia

North Georgia is full of mountains and lush forests. If you go you must see the Gergeti Trinity Church.  The church is located high on a mountain and can be reached by hiking or a local guide (the road is very bumpy so take Dramamine if you get motion sickness).