A Guide to Flying Chic and Stylish

The world is a runway and one of my favorite places to showcase some of my style is none other than the airport!  

The secret to adaptable and trend-setting airport attire is layers.  Whether you’re keeping cozy with a chunky cardigan, rocking a leather jacket, or wrapped wool - layers are a great way to make a statement.  The great thing about layering when traveling is the ability to transform your style whatever the weather and save some room in your suitcase!

I am all about staying comfortable when flying & one of the most important elements of this involves picking the right pant.  Leggings are my classic airport pick and I love finding a pair with structured details!  (Zara is my go to leggings store)  Trying to switch it up?  Stay sharp in your favorite pair of joggers. I love Aday's Hail Yes track pants.

Aday Hail Yes Track Pants

Aday Hail Yes Track Pants

Shoes are my favorite way to make a statement!  My go to airport shoes are sneakers and loafers - they’re easy to get on and off through security and I love hunting for unique pairs.

I’m always in favor of topping off any travel outfit with a tote or trendy backpack. Even if you’re not planning on using all the extra space it’s nice to have in case you choose to do some extra shopping on your next vacay!

Happy globetrotting!

x Em


The Best Travel Leggings

We love to travel in leggings.  They are easy to pack, take up minimal space, are incredibly comfortable, and can be dressed up or down.  But as much as we love them, it can be frustrating to find the right pair.  Some are too sheer & others stretch out quickly.

Here are some of our favorites.


Zara’s body shaping leggings are one of our all time favorites. This legging is thick, warm, and holds it shape for ages.  We bring these on nearly every trip we go on (and have washed them in a hostel sink or two).  Best of all they are only $30 a pair.


We love the look of a great leather legging, but leather is expensive, stretches easily, and is all around impractical for traveling. Aritzia’s Daria pant is a vegan leather legging that resolves all of the issues we have with real leather.  These leggings are comfortable, don’t stretch out, and are incredibly wearable from plane to museum to bar. For $135 get yourself a pair.


For long haul flights & hikes, Lululemon’s “All The Right Places” pant is our go to.  We love these leggings because they hold their shape & are incredibly comfortable.  Get yours for $128 a pair.

x Smack