The 3 Best Tools for Spotting Flight Deals

There are endless ways to search for flights.. We’ve tried just about every app & tool out there and narrowed it down to our three favorites so that you don’t have to.

Kayak Explore

Kayak Explore is a great tool for trip planning when you have broad date ranges and are looking at many locations.  Enter your home airport, price range, and tentative trip timing and Kayak will show you the best deals & dates to travel within your criteria.  


We love Skyscanner for a number of reasons.  Our favorite feature is the ability to select a specific date range and choose between either “everywhere” or a specific country to find the best deals in our range.  It’s a great way to spot deals during a time that works for your schedule.


Hitlist is our favorite travel app.  You can “like” destinations you are interested in, explore pre-curated trips, and save “trips” to get alerts for time and place-specific flight deals.  It’s also a great tool for planning group trips, since you can easily share your “trips” with friends.  Our all-time favorite feature is that it will show you which of your Facebook friends have been to locations you’ve liked, providing the perfect way to reach out to friends for their tips!

Happy flight searching!

x Smack