The Only 3 Shoes You'll Need for Your Next Vacation

Is it just us, or does it seem like traveling brings out the bad in shoes?  We’ve all packed those flats that are chic and slightly uncomfortable on a trip.  After a day of exploring our feet our covered in blisters and we never want to wear those shoes again.  To help avoid this all too common problem, we’ve compiled a list of our go to travel shoes to save you some pain and suitcase space.


We love the athleisure trend and cool sneakers are one of our must-packs for any trip.  In Copenhagen we discovered the most amazing sneaker brand, Arkk. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and uncommon! Best of all, they ship to the states.

Versatile Boots

One of the struggles of packing is having adequate shoes to adapt to snow, rain, or sunshine. Since shoes take up a lot of space it’s critical to plan wisely. For this reason, we love Frye’s Engineer Boot, which work in any type of weather.  We’ve had ours for three years now and have taken them on countless adventures.  These boots are durable, look great, and last forever.  

Comfortable Wedges

We’ve made the mistake of wearing heels out on cobblestone streets & less than perfect terrain one too many times.  Then a friend introduced us to Castañer and our packing list hasn’t been the same since.  We love Castañer because the wedges are cute, comfortable, and best of all, durable.  Our favorite pair has lasted four years and countless trips.  

Although packing the right pair of shoes can sometimes seem impossible, the right tips will save you time and hassle.  And most importantly, your feet will thank you!

x  Smack