What to Pack for Your Study Abroad

I had the most amazing experience studying abroad in Dublin this past spring and now I have compiled a list of my packing essentials.  Ireland has a slightly colder climate than mainland Europe, but here my favorite things that I found myself using in every country I visited!

My Abroad Essentials:

1. Wool Coat

2. Leather Jacket

3. Parka (only if you’re planning on going cold places i.e. Norway, Cliffs of Moher Dec-Feb)

The great thing about parkas if they compress and don’t take up as much space as you might think

4. Sweaters (# depends on where you are studying, I was in Ireland and I brought 5)

5. Cashmere Cardigan (great for layering)

6. Long sleeve t-shirts

7. Versatile T-Shirts

*Another great store to find t-shirts and sweaters is Everlane

8. Tank tops – for layering and going out

9. Leggings

10. Jeans (1 light, 1 medium wash, 1 black)

11. One swimsuit

12. One day dress or romper

13. Two night/club dresses or rompers

The Shoes:

*Keep in mind any shoes you bring will likely get worn out, Europe is full of cobblestone streets which are charming, but not kind on the soles.

14. One pair of boots

15. One pair heeled booties

16. One pair of booties

*My booties were weatherproof which worked out great for Ireland because I could wear them while checking out the countryside and in the rain.

17. One pair of sandals

18. One pair of heels

19. One pair of sneakers


Accessories and Extras:

20. Luggage tags

21. Two cross body purses

22. Sunglasses

23. Scarf

24. Versatile Jewelry (nothing flashy or sentimental that you would mind losing)

25. Convertible chargers

26. Luggage

I’m not always the lightest packer, but I made it abroad with a duffle bag and two carry on sized suitcases.  When planning your luggage keep in mind accepted carry-on size for European airlines are a bit smaller than for US airlines.  Make sure you have a carry on bag you can weekend with!

In addition to clothes I packed extra toiletries because not all brands exist worldwide.  However, while I was abroad I discovered a British beauty product store called Boots that was reasonably priced and enabled me to continue using my favorite brands while in studying in Ireland.

I traveled a bit after my program ended and didn’t feel like lugging all my bags around with me.  Luggage Forward is a company I used to ship my duffle bag back to back to the US and it shipped within a week.

Wishing you a fantastic trip!



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