What’s in your Quart Sized Bag?

Those of us blessed with less-than-perfect skin understand that one of the biggest struggles of travel is the post flight breakout.  It’s taken me years to figure out the right arsenal of products that both prevents breakouts and fits within a quart-sized bag.


Before a flight I stop by Sephora to pick up samples of my favorite travel products.  This makes it easier to condense my products, and the sample-sized containers are also reusable for future flights.


My skin tends to get oily when it’s dry, so using hydrating products is key on long flights.  I always start off a flight by using my favorite toner to remove all of the oils from my face.  If I were able to travel with only one product, it would be Glytone’s toner.  Not only does it remove oil, I’ve noticed it dramatically removes blemishes.

After using toner, I apply Glytone’s facial cream.  This product re-hydrates as well as prevents and reduces breakouts.  There are three steps to Glytone’s facial cream.  New users start with Step 1 and work their way up to Step 2 then 3.  In addition to being great for flights, this product is also a staple of my nighttime skincare routine.

Mid flight, I use Laneige’s Water Sleeping Mask.  This mask is very hydrating and keeps my skin from getting too dry on the flight.  It’s also great to use after a long night out to keep your skin looking fresh.

My favorite In-Flight Products


After a long flight, there is nothing quite like a facemask.  I always take the time before bed to do a couple of masks to keep my face looking fresh for the remainder of my trip.  First, I use the Boscia Detoxifying cleanser with a charcoal cleansing sponge to exfoliate my skin.  Then I apply the Glam Glow Super Mud mask to clean out my pores from the long flight.  Next, I remove the Super Mud mask, put on the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, and layer the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask over it.   I love using this mask combo because it really refreshes my skin and cleans out any dirt and oil that may cause breakouts later on.  To cap off my post flight routine, I moisturize using the Glytone facial cream to moisturize.

Trip Routine

During trips, I follow a simple skincare routine.  In the mornings, I wash my face with Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Cleanser.  Two mornings a week, I also use Bionova’s Scrub Alternative, which keeps my face looking fresh.  After washing my face, I moisturize with SkinCeuticals’ daily moisturizer and finish off with Chanel’s CC cream.  I love using a CC cream instead of foundation because it’s light and doesn’t clog my pores, making it perfect to wear while exploring!  When I’m in a humid or hot climate, I dust Mario Badescu’s Special Healing Powder over the CC cream to prevent my skin from getting oily throughout the day.

The final step of my travel skincare routine is using facemasks throughout the trip. In warmer climates, Mario Badescu’s Azulene Calming Mask is perfect at keeping my skin from looking red (especially after a long day at the beach!).  And I always use the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask a few times to ensure my skin stays clear!

Trip skincare routine

Travelling can take a toll on your skin, but sticking to a routine has gone a long way towards keeping my skin clear for the entire trip!  It only takes a little planning and minimal effort, and for me is definitely worth it.

x Smack