How to See the World & Keep Your Day Job

Vacation time is a commodity these days.  I find myself constantly torn between not wanting to step away from work (for fear of being overwhelmed when I get back) and having enough time/money to cross off a couple places from my endless “places to go” list.

But even if I had the time to go on longer trips, there is something unique about shorter ones.  There are many reasons why short trips can be advantageous.  For one, a five-day international trip or weekend in a domestic city is a great way of sampling somewhere. This is more budget friendly on an entry-level salary, as well as being perfect for identifying places to further explore when time is not a constraint!

For a perfect quick trip, a little advanced planning goes a long way.  Here are a few rules for the perfect (and still spontaneous!) adventure.

1.     Try to travel places where you know people.  If you stay with a friend, bring a hostess gift!

2.     Be flexible about where and when you can travel.  This allows for much more room to find great deals.

3.     Try to spend close to what you would on a weekend “out” in your home city.

4.     For weekend trips, limit flying time to 4 hours – unless you find an incredible deal on airfare

5.     Do not over plan.  Leave time to get lost and explore where you are visiting.

Although these guidelines are fairly basic, they always help me keep my trips in perspective and make the most out of my limited amount of time.  No matter how long you have to explore, you can never do everything.  By travelling smart, you may find that hitting those “bucket list” destinations is more achievable than you think!  


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Grab your gear and head get out there!