Best of Philly: Holidays

Although with the 70 degree weather it doesn’t feel like it, the holidays are here, and Philadelphia offers a plethora of holiday and wintertime activities.  Here are a few options to squeeze in before the season is over.

A Taste of Germany

For a German-inspired experience (complete with food provided by Brauhaus Schmitz), head to the Christmas Village at Love Park (16th and JFK).  In addition to nearly 100 vendors selling a variety of goods, you’ll also find a tree and plenty of decorations.

Holiday Lights

There’s no shortage of holiday light displays in the City of Brotherly Love.  For a Philadelphia classic, check out the Miracle on South 13th Street (located on the street’s 1600 block), a neighborhood tradition that’s been going strong for years.

Another well-known spot to see lights (think Silver Lining’s Playbook) is on Jeweler’s Row.  The lights adorning Sansom street between 6th and 7th are worth seeing, and you can even pick up some jewelry if you’re in need of a last-minute gift.  

Perhaps the most iconic lights of Philadelphia are located on boathouse row on the Schuylkill, and for Christmas they do not disappoint.  To see these, go for a walk along the Schuylkill River trail or do a drive by on West River Drive or I-76.

Ice Skating

Upset that the Spruce Street Harbour Park pop-up is gone until next summer?  Head to the Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest, located nearby and open until March.  The rink offers plenty of ways to lounge after (or instead of) skating, including a fire pit, food and drink options, and 360 indoor and outdoor heated seating.

In addition, the Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park is open through the end of February for the second straight year.  When you’re done skating, head to the new heated tent to warm up with burgers, fries, and hot chocolate.  The rink is also adjacent to the Love Park Christmas Village if you still haven’t crossed it off your list.

The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Speaking of hot chocolate, head to Rim Cafe for the perfect cup.  This gem located near the Italian Market serves the perfect cup of thick, chocolatey goodness, prepared with care by the former national chocolatier of France.  Besides the amazing hot chocolate, check out the coffee and desserts and be sure to check out the eclectic decor.  

With only a week left until Christmas, it’s time to get started!


Society Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania