Travel Apps that You Will Actually Use

1.   Uber - Free on iOS, and Android

Ok, so we know that Uber is not novel or new, but it is still one of our all time favorite travel apps.  We love Uber because it eliminates the stress of hailing a cab (especially when none are around), the fear of getting ripped off, and the language barrier when trying to explain your destination.

2.   Hitlist - Free on iOS

Hitlist is our go-to for spotting flight deals.   We love this app because you can set your available dates & desired destinations.  Hitlist alerts when there are exceptional deals.  It’s also a great way to spot fare glitches.  We once saw $6 flights to Seattle from Chicago!

3.  Third Rail - Free on IOS

Ever get off the New York subway and not know what exit to take?  Third Rail eliminates the confusion.  We love this app because it provides multiple public transit routes to the same destination and lets you know when to expect a train/bus to arrive.  Most importantly, the directions are clear and easy to understand.

4. Wunderground - Free for iOS, WatchOS, Android, and Roku.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the logistics of travel, and often some details can slip the mind when they are most crucial, like when packing the appropriate clothes for your destination. Wunderground by Weather Underground is a localized weather app. Complete with ‘Crowd Reports’ (Local observations reported by users) as well as all the data you need to be comfortable when you are out exploring.

5. Google Maps - Free for iOS, WatchOS, and Android

While Google Maps may seem obvious as a travel companion, there is a feature that can be a lifesaver abroad. Google Maps can cache maps to your device. When data is expensive, or non-existent abroad, saving maps before you leave home or your hotel can be a huge help.

6. Flickr - Free for iOS, and Android

1TB of free cloud storage for your photos?! Flickr is a great alternative to iCloud and Google Photos. Backup your photos and videos abroad and never lose your memories. Be sure to use wifi backup only due to data consumption, and be patient, many areas of the world have slower upload / download speeds than you may be used to if you are in America.

7. Hotel Tonight/One Night Standard - Free for IOS

We love spontaneous trips, and Hotel Tonight & One Night Standard both make it easy to find a last-minute getaway without going broke.  Hotel tonight offers awesome rates for an endless amount of hotels in most destinations.  One Night Standard is a bit more tailored and offers incredible deals ($99/night rooms) at the Standard Hotel Group's incredible properties, such as their High Line location in New York.

We hope these apps help take the hassle out of planning and enjoying your next trip!


-Smack & Luc