Sound of Salzburg

When visiting Salzburg, I  quickly realized this is a city torn between many worlds. So many cultural influences are present from the moment you arrive, it is incredible to take in. Being the 4th largest city in Austria, with a population of around 150,000, knowing what to expect can be difficult, but with Salzburg, it is best to jump right in!

Overlooking Salzburg, Austria

Many people may know Austria and Salzburg from the Sound of Music film and play. If you are interested in entertainment, there are many great events surrounding this theme. From Sound of Music tours, to special dinners featuring works by Amadeus Mozart, a native of the city, you are sure to find something which peaks your interest. We attended the St. Peter restaurant featuring the Mozart Dinner Concert. This period accurate representation is a lovely way to enjoy an evening, the food is also quite good. Being in business since 803 AD, they should have a good track record!

The war memorial at The Eagle's Nest, Berchtesgaden, Germany 

Salzburg is in an interesting location. Between Vienna and Innsbruck, and on the border of Germany, Salzburg is a great travel hub. All the east - west ICE (Intercity Express) trains in the areas pass through here, and almost all trains bound for Italy originate here. This puts cities such as Vienna, Munich, Venice, and Zürich a few hours away. I am pretty into history, so a close by place I had to check out was Kehlsteinhaus or the Eagle’s Nest. This was Hitler’s famous mountain home, presented to him for his 50th birthday. Views from here are unmatched, and at 6,000 feet, you are in for an adventure. I took the hike along the mountain ridge spine, to the war memorial. Not many places in the Alps, or any of the world's mountains have more impressive and historical views. You can even see Salzburg in the distance!

Red bull's Hanger 7, Salzburg, Austra

When walking in Salzburg I eventually ended up on Getreidegasse, which is a major shopping and market street in the historic part of town. There are many great shops, as well as local favorite restaurants such as Zum Eulenspiegel, to get a flavor of Austrian food. There is even a RedBull store, my personal favorite stop, which is fantastic for any action sports fan. RedBull is based nearby, and houses many of their now famous vehicles at Hanger 7 located in Salzburg’s Airport.

For our readers outside of the Eurozone, I recommend stopping in to the pharmacy on Getreidegasse. They are called Apotheke in this part of the world, and will be nothing like places you have ever picked up your prescriptions! This particular store is called Apotheke zum Goldenen Biber, and it is worth the gander.

I am very fortunate to have traveled much in my life so far, including all continents except Africa and Antarctica. Of all the places I have visited, Salzburg is the only city I have ever returned to within the year, domestically or abroad. I even returned to the very same hotel, Hotel Schloss Mönchstein, as they are second to none. Attentive and caring, and the location, on a hilltop overlooking the city, is stunning.



Getreidegasse, Salzburg, Austria